AffiCELL® ELK-TAD Luciferase Reporter Cell Line-HeLa

Size: 1 x 10^6

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A Signaling Pathway Reporter Cell Lines are engineered cells that stably express reporter genes under the control of specific signaling pathway promoters. These cell lines are essential for investigating and visualizing signaling pathway activities. Explore our catalog of high-quality Signaling Pathway Reporter Cell Lines in our store, AffiCELL.

Key Features

    • Versatile Modifications: Options for gene overexpression, knockdown, knockout, and knockin.
    • Flexible Construction: Cell lines created through chemical transfection or viral transduction as needed.
    • Rigorous Validation: Gene editing confirmed through methods like RT-qPCR and Sanger sequencing.
    • Quality Assurance: Final cell lines undergo thorough quality control, including sterility tests and mycoplasma detection.