AffiCELL® FOXG1 Knock-out Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

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Gene-Edited IPSCs are induced pluripotent stem cells that have been precisely modified using gene-editing techniques. These customizable cells serve as powerful tools for a wide range of research applications, including disease modeling and regenerative medicine. Discover Gene-Edited iPSCs in our store, AffiCELL, to advance your gene-specific research endeavors.

Advantages of our offerings

  1. Innovative Reprogramming Methods: Access novel and diverse approaches for reprogramming cells, providing versatility in your research;
  2. Disease-Specific iPSCs: Choose from our range of off-the-shelf iPSCs derived from different diseases, facilitating disease modeling and therapeutic development;
  3. Differentiation Kits: Explore a variety of iPSC differentiation kits, enabling precise control over cell lineage development;
  4. Comprehensive Product Range: From somatic cells to fully differentiated cell types, we offer a complete suite of products to support your research journey;
  5. Custom Solutions: Tailor your research with custom iPSCs and iPSC-derived cells, designed to meet your specific experimental needs.