AffiCELL® Dental Pulp Stem Cells Adult Teeth

Size: 1 x 10^6

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Stem Cells are versatile and undifferentiated cells with the remarkable potential to develop into various specialized cell types. They play a crucial role in regenerative medicine, research, and the understanding of development and disease. Explore Stem Cells in our store, AffiCELL, for your scientific and therapeutic needs.

Advantages of our offerings

  1. Innovative Reprogramming Methods: Access novel and diverse approaches for reprogramming cells, providing versatility in your research;
  2. Disease-Specific iPSCs: Choose from our range of off-the-shelf iPSCs derived from different diseases, facilitating disease modeling and therapeutic development;
  3. Differentiation Kits: Explore a variety of iPSC differentiation kits, enabling precise control over cell lineage development;
  4. Comprehensive Product Range: From somatic cells to fully differentiated cell types, we offer a complete suite of products to support your research journey;
  5. Custom Solutions: Tailor your research with custom iPSCs and iPSC-derived cells, designed to meet your specific experimental needs.